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About ten years ago, Sue and I helped get Bible Study going at our parish, St. Cecilia in Fort Myers.  Many of the people participating did not have an up-to-date Bible that was conducive to study, and wasn’t covered with dust and full of pressed leaves. The closest Catholic bookstore is about two hours away, so for convenience we started a little Bible & Catechism store from our back bedroom.  It wasn’t long before we started to get calls for other spiritual books, so we started ordering more titles.  Before long we had a pretty good collection, so we started holding book fairs after the weekend Masses.  With the help of our son & daughter, Scott & Kelli, our little book fairs have grown to cover many local parishes plus diocese conferences, with close to 500 titles.

The name of our store, “Stir The Fire” Mobile Catholic Bookstore, is very appropriate, as spiritual books will “stir the fire” of the Holy Spirit in your heart.  The most asked question that we get at book fairs is “When are you coming back?”  That led to opening this Web Store to give everyone access, anytime.  We still plan on doing the book fairs and if you are in SW Florida talk to your DRE or Pastor to host one at your parish. (Oct.-Apr.) It is totally FREE. All that is required is space to set up tables for the books.

This is to let you know that we care about the spiritual life of all our Christian families and we have the perfect books for your spiritual journey.  Everyone is at a different place on their walk to the Father, and with books you are able to get direction from some of the greatest minds on earth.  We have chosen books that can help you in your personal spiritual growth, wherever you are on your path.  There is no better time than now to grow in your faith and love of the Lord.  Peruse our selection of personally selected books and see what calls to your heart.

Have a Blessed Day,

George & Sue Moeggenberg

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P.S. Call us for information on Book Fairs. “Stir The Fire” Bookstore will provide a Book Fair once per year for local SW Florida Parishes after weekend Masses. We take care of the set-up and there is no charge.


    Hi George & Sue,
    Don Haisman here
    Where do I find the books etc you have for sale?

      Hi Don. Sorry I missed your message a month ago. Just scroll through our book store. Some are already have the sale price so you can order those on line. Those that are at regular price just let me know and I will get them to you at sale price. Hopefully I will I will get them all remarked soon:) George

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